September/October 2021.

Welcome! The main focus of this website for the forseeable future will be the New Wave Discography. A continuous work in progress that documents records released in the United Kingdom during the punk and new wave era. Below there's a playlist that includes audio samples sourced from vinyl which will be updated at regular intervals. Any comments, questions, complaints etc -

Current background photo - Elton Motello.


'Jet Boy Jet Girl' (Lightning, 1978).

This and the two records below are all quite common but the versions here might be slightly more difficult to obtain. This version of 'Jet Boy Jet Girl' was released a couple of months after the original and features a few lyric changes in an attempt by Lightning to get some airplay to rival the UK release of Plastic Bertrand's 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' which was a huge hit across parts of mainland Europe. Ultimately it was Bertrand that came out on top on the head to head, with Elton Motello being restricted to cult status. If you are looking, the airplay version has a larger Hansa logo on the label and a high percentage don't have a picture sleeve. 'A collector's item as well as a hit, which one have you got?' says a Lightning press release. Obviously everyone needs both!

'I'm In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk' (Razz, 1980).

I'm still gobsmacked that The Freshies only had a minor hit with this record. Even with MCA securing some daytime radio for the re-issue it still fell short of the Top 40. This version is from the original Razz Records white label promo and according to an official Razz catalogue it's a different take to the MCA 'Certain' version. I'm not sure what the differences are as my MCA copy is the 'Virgin' version but I can tell you that this uses the 'Singalong Version' as the backing track though apparently there may be differences between the Razz and MCA 'Singalong'. The B-side of this is the 'Virgin' version with various bleeps and buzzers over the word 'Virgin'.

'7 Teen' (Rialto, 1979).

The Regents were formed by Damian Pew and Martin Sheller in the summer of 1979 with two female backing singers Bric and Cath. Pew and Sheller had previously played with Out To Lunch who released a couple of singles in 1976 on Transatlantic Records. One of those singles was re-issued by Transatlantic's successor Logo Records in September 1979 despite it's dated jazz/rock sound. '7 Teen' was anything but dated, capturing the moment perfectly when new wave and pop happily co-existed. This is the uncensored version with the only difference being the word 'erection' in place of 'reaction' and a more prominent tape hiss which I've manage to tame a little on the audio sample. That tape hiss was due to the song being recorded on a 4 track Teac tape recorder.

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