July/August 2021.

Welcome! The main focus of this website for the forseeable future will be the New Wave Discography. A continuous work in progress that documents records released in the United Kingdom during the punk and new wave era. Below there's a playlist that includes audio samples sourced from vinyl which will be updated at regular intervals. Any comments, questions, complaints etc - james@worthlesstrash.co.uk

Current background photo - new wave chartbusters Martin And The Brownshirts.


'Boring' (Lightning, 1978).

Lightning Records released a steady flow of under the radar punk singles throughout 1978 with the only publicity being a guaranteed top 10 on Lightning's new wave chart published in trade paper Music Week. At the time these records were viewed with more than a hint of suspicion, but with hindsight we needn't have worried as even the less authentic ones (Horrorcomic for example) were pretty good. Martin And The Brownshirts came from Chester and disappeared into oblivion just as quickly as their record dropped out of Lightning's chart. A-side 'Taxi Driver' finishes with a locked groove which left me with a decision to make on how to end the needledrop. Eventually I decided on a fade after 5 revolutions but then thought I'd bore you with the B-side instead.

'Tearaway' (Decca, 1979).

The Jets had the misfortune of sharing their name with several other bands so we can't be sure how active they were on the live circuit. Chances are any gig listings were other people and this lot were more likely living up to their previous moniker of 'Stagefright'. Signing a deal with Decca Records who were struggling financially was another bad move. Promo copies of 'Tearaway' were more common than stock copies so even if you did hear the record on the radio or were impressed with the 'showband rock' put down in a Record Mirror review you would've struggled to find the record in the shops. Of course Record Mirror were well wide of the mark as 'Tearaway' is a stone-cold powerpop classic with an equally wonderful B-side.

'Gob On You' (After The Break, 1979).

'Gob On You' featured in one of the early episodes of sketch comedy show Not The Nine O'Clock News. There is actually two versions of the song, this version was released in late 1979 as a B-side, while an inferior mono mix with added laughter can be found on another B-side and also on a BBC soundtrack LP. On the fake punk scale it's doesn't quite hit the heights of Gyppo or Airship musically but the lyrics are quite entertaining if a little cliched. 'Gob On You' was somehow missed by the compilers of the under the counter fake punk comp 'Who's A Punk' and the record is also conspicuous by it's absence from the '45 Revolutions' book. Apparently cabaret band Hippo (of 'Hot For Hippo' fame) covered 'Gob On You' in the new wave segment of their live set back in the day.

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